March 2013 highlights

Power cuts

We wrote about power cuts to UK Power Networks, the local electricity distributors (not E-on, as I said in the February Community News – these things keep changing). They replied, listing seven, each of over an hour, between 18 January and 16 February. They say they have traced the fault and repaired it. They also say that they have contacted those most affected and offered them £50 each. I haven’t heard of anyone who has received this, so if you reckon you were badly affected, you might try giving them a ring, on 0800 028 4587, or e-mailing

Number plates

There have been a number of cases locally of car number plates being stolen. The reason is that thieves use them to disguise a stolen car. If this happens to you, let the police know – on 101 – straightaway. With automatic number plate recognition equipment increasingly common, if you move fast, the villains can be caught red-handed.

Safer route for pedestrians

We all know that a lot of people have to go past Blunden’s Corner, a dangerous bend where there is no footpath, to reach the village amenities – Shop/Post office, pubs, Village Hall, Church, Rec, Eaves and the Primary School. But I didn’t realise it is 94 households. Not so far short of half those in Stoke village.

So we – particularly Vivienne Klimowicz - have been working to create a new public right of way. This will run from Butt Road, behind the school, emerging along the side of the school into School Street. We hope to get a grant for it. Our first approach has been well received, and we are now moving to the more formal stages. The rest of the footpath along the allotments will also be improved up to where it joins the footpath at the Drift.

Annual Parish Meeting

Our Annual Meeting will be on Tuesday 23 April, 7:00 pm in the Village Hall. As usual, drinks will be provided. We have a speaker, Fiona Taylor, from Paths for Communities, who will talk to us about her work, and, particularly, our Butt Road/School Street path project.

Middle School Site

Most people now know of the stories in the press, that it is the Plymouth Brethren who propose to take over the Middle School buildings for a school, starting in September. It is not yet definite, but Suffolk County Council will make up their minds by the end of March.

I am getting in touch with the Plymouth Brethren to find out more of their plans.

I know many of you are very interested in this, but you have to understand that it is not in our hands. We are still pressing, as are the Lady Anne Windsor Trustees for a portion of the site to be available to meet local housing needs.

But we need to be realistic about this. I don’t take kindly to outside politicians telling us how to run our affairs. Mr Robert Lindsay of the Green Party, who gave tongue in the EADT, needs to understand that we already have a thriving primary school, that the Plymouth Brethren’s proposed school represents no threat to it, and that using the Middle School site entirely for housing, affordable or otherwise, would mean a massive influx of people, who would have to commute by car to work – the least "green" thing you can imagine!

Una Oakes Chairman, Stoke by Nayland Parish Council