July 2013 highlights


You may well not have noticed – you need binoculars to see it from the ground – but a firm called County Broadband have installed a wireless internet system on the church tower.   They came to the Parish Council meeting to say they are interested in the PC helping them sign people up, and will pay us if we do so.  We shall consider this.  

Their service could be interesting to anyone who wants a fast internet connection, and can’t wait until the BT/County Council fibre optic cable arrives in 2015.  Or to those of you out in the sticks – and there’s a fair few of you – where cable will never give you a decent connection.   If you want to know more, their website is at www.countybroadband.co.uk, and their phone number is 0845 686 5000.

Also, the Focus Learning Trust – the body running the Plymouth Brethren Schools, one of which is to move into the Middle School buildings – are going to lay fibre-optic cable to connect their school here in Stoke with their other schools.  They rely heavily, it seems, on distance teaching using the internet.  They are offering their cable installation to others who need very high capacity and very reliable internet connections, and who need it soon.  I guess this could be interesting to businesses needing a very high quality connection.

Insurance and Assets review

We do try and run our own affairs efficiently, and as part of that we have reviewed the assets we own and our insurance cover, and made suitable changes.  Our thanks to Alan Shrosbery – who used to be an insurance broker – and Keith Cook for looking after this.


Any problems, do tell Alan Shrosbery (01 206 265 172/alanandtricia@gmail.com) or Tracey Hayter (01 206 262 293/ tracey@scotlandplacefarm.co.uk).

Street lighting

Do study the separate flyer (for Stoke by Nayland parish addresses only) on this important subject.   Public meeting in the Village Hall, 7:30 pm, Tuesday 13 August.


Also for your diary:  the public meeting to explain our traffic plans to residents, answer questions and identify concerns, on Tuesday 17 September, at 7:30 pm in the Village Hall.

Una Oakes
Chairman, Stoke by Nayland Parish Council