The Parish Council precept has been set at £11,000 in addition to a £941 grant pass on by Babergh District Council. 

An extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council was called on February 19th to discuss the precept (the money raised via the Council Tax for the Parish Council) in light of information received from Babergh District Council.  At the Parish Council meeting in January it was agreed not to increase the precept figure of £11,000.  However Babergh District Council later advised than in order to receive a total income of £11,000, the precept would actually be £10,059 and would be topped up by a government grant of £941 passed on by BDC.  It is considered that this may have implications in future years if the government introduces a restriction on Parish Councils increasing their precepts which would trigger a costly referendum if above a set percentage.  After careful consideration of the facts and advice available to the Parish Council, it was resolved by a vote of 5 to 3, to increase the precept figure to £11,000 in addition to the £941 grant.  For a band D household this will result in the Parish Council element of the Council Tax increasing from £34.90 for 2012/13 to £38.33 for 2013/14